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In this work we made an extended and systematic investigation of thermal oxidation of stable strained epitaxial SiGe films grown by MBE on Si (001). Samples were grown with two buried Ge layers (a box of SiGe 20% 8nm thick and a deeper delta of pure Ge 0.8 nm tick) and capped with SiGe films of different thicknesses and Ge concentration (Fig. 1). A pure Si capped sample was also grown and processed as a reference. The two buried layers were inserted to study the Ge diffusion induced by thermal oxidation of the cap layer. The oxidations were done in dry oxygen at 900 C for times ranging in between 150s and 40000s, the oxide thicknesses being 2.5 nm up to 120 nm. An extended characterization performed by cross sectional TEM allowed us to follow the kinetic of silicon dioxide formation, the densification of Ge in a thin (4 nm) Ge-rich layer (up to 40%) of high crystalline quality at the oxide/SiGe interface …
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Publication date: 
30 Jun 2006
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Issue: 31 Pages: 1432
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