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The isotopes Cd 122, 124, 126 were studied in a “safe” Coulomb-excitation experiment at the radioactive ion-beam facility REX-ISOLDE at CERN. The reduced transition probabilities B (E 2; 0 g. s.+→ 2 1+) and limits for the quadrupole moments of the first 2+ excited states in the three isotopes were determined. The onset of collectivity in the vicinity of the Z= 50 and N= 82 shell closures is discussed by comparison with shell model and beyond mean-field calculations.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
21 Jan 2014

S Ilieva, M Thürauf, Th Kröll, R Krücken, T Behrens, V Bildstein, A Blazhev, S Bönig, PA Butler, J Cederkäll, T Davinson, P Delahaye, J Diriken, Andreas Ekström, F Finke, LM Fraile, S Franchoo, Ch Fransen, G Georgiev, R Gernhäuser, D Habs, H Hess, AM Hurst, Mark Huyse, O Ivanov, J Iwanicki, P Kent, O Kester, U Köster, R Lutter, M Mahgoub, D Martin, P Mayet, P Maierbeck, T Morgan, O Niedermeier, M Pantea, P Reiter, TR Rodriguez, Th Rolke, H Scheit, A Scherillo, D Schwalm, M Seidlitz, T Sieber, GS Simpson, I Stefanescu, S Thiel, PG Thirolf, J Van de Walle, Piet Van Duppen, D Voulot, N Warr, W Weinzierl, D Weisshaar, F Wenander, A Wiens, S Winkler

Biblio References: 
Volume: 89 Issue: 1 Pages: 014313
Physical Review C